Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Recent Film and Modeling Opportunities

Bryan is currently appearing on a commercial as a physician
 encouraging seniors to apply for Medicare

Bryan and Vicki completed print work for a Hewlett Packard Promotion

Alyse modeling a clothing line

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Robinson Family Actors Fall Commercials

Bryan in Revere Health Commercial

Vicki in Mountain America Credit Union
"More Memories Per Mile" Commercial
Grandchildren got to participate in an Interfaith Commercial with Grandpa and Grandma


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Meet Our Child Actors

Child Actors

Alyes Robinson 

 Ella Robinson 

 Addi Stark (age 6) 

Finn Stark  (10 months) 

 Crayden Stark (age 8)

 Cameron Stark (age 9)
  Andrew Robinson (age 7) with Cameron Stark

Sawyer Stark (age 4)

 Payten Oborn (age 7 months)

Emma Pulley (age 10) (Connecticut)

Victoria Robinson (age 2)

Henry Robinson (age 4)

 Real Family Groups

 Shanelle and Craig Stark and children

Payten with parents Rochelle and Taylor Oborn

Brett and Missy Robinson Family

Dave and Jeanette Pulley Family - Connecticut
This was an ad for a local political campaign

Need Babies for your next acting project?
We can deliver!
. . . and one more is on the way

Sample Acting & Modeling Projects Involving the Children

 Zombie Horror Movie

Saving Sara Cain

Alyse and Audrie  - New Era

 Zac Seckler Photography
 Ken Garff Commercial
Sarah Jane with Mom, Jeanette Robinson Pulley - Connecticut

 Zac Seckler Photography

 Den Brother

Ace Enders Music Video

"The Birth"  Short Film

Foundation for a Better Life Commercial
Music Video with Briana and Alyse Robinson and Parents

Audrie Robinson right - Foundation for a Better Life

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meet the Adult Robinson Actors

                      Meet the Family Actors:

We never dreamed how much fun this would be and what a big part it would play in our lives.  What has been especially fun is doing this as a family.  Our niche is that we can provide real couples, real families and grandparents.  One of our first commercials was for Intellibed.  Bryan commented that he was so happy that he was in bed with his wife and not a stranger. 

The synergy between real couples, families and extended family is hard to reproduce.  The synergy within families who really like each other is even harder to do so.  We invite you to consider our family for your next film or print project.  Sincerely, the Robinson's

 Meet the Parents/Grandparents/In-laws

     Bryan Robinson

    Vicki Robinson

Real Couples 

Taylor and Rochelle Oborn

Craig and Shanelle Stark   


 Maddi and Richard Robinson

 Corinne & Chris Ruoti

Brett and Missy Robinson

David and Jeanette Pulley


Our Children

Corinne Robinson Ruoti

Richard Robinson


  Rochelle Robinson Oborn

Audrie Robinson


Alyse Robinson

Shanelle Robinson Stark

Briana Robinson


Jeanette Robinson Pulley

Brett Robinson

Alyse Robinson


Sample Film and Print Projects:

Select Health (Cosmic Pictures)

Revere Health (Cosmic)

Intellibed (Procreative) 

University of Utah 

South Jordan City Recreation


All Mine (Tocho Films)

Saving Sara Cain 

Think Outside the Blog

The Family Bible (Connie Wilkerson)

Chasing Skeletons 

Cypher Electronics

Zack Seckler - Life Style Photographer New York